Our Mission 

Tyee PTSA wants to enhance the educational experience of children and their families by working in partnership with the teachers, educational staff and local community.  Our mission is to be:

  • A powerful voice for all children
  • A trusted, relevant resource for families and communities, and
  • A strong advocate for the academic, social and emotional well-being of every child. 

Our Goals

To achieve our mission, our goals include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Inspire: We aim to inspire Tyee students, parents, staff, and the community by providing meaningful programs and support.
  2. Purposeful Fundraising: We strive to be purposeful in our PTSA fundraising efforts, ensuring that they align with our mission and benefit the Tyee middle school community.
  3. Inform: We are committed to improving communication about Tyee PTSA meetings, programs, grants, and advocacy issues, both within and beyond the Tyee community.
  4. Advocate: We advocate for the mission of the Tyee middle school and support public education by actively engaging within and beyond our community.
  5. Include: We work towards expanding the number of Tyee PTSA volunteers and volunteer opportunities, making it easier for everyone to engage in PTSA programs and activities.
  6. Appreciate: We value and appreciate the dedication of PTSA volunteers and create opportunities to recognize their contributions.
  7. Foster Connections: We create opportunities to foster social connections and promote cultural awareness among the Tyee community.
  8. Inclusive Membership: We strive to promote and maintain membership, ensuring that every student is represented by an adult Tyee member, and we aim to create a culture of inclusivity.


Why Get Involved? 

We encourage every family member to take an active role in their child's education. There are many ways to be involved at Tyee. The Tyee staff work long and hard to provide quality instruction for each student and, with your support, we can help them achieve the high level of success that every child deserves. Research specific to middle school shows that YOU make the difference.

When parents, guardians, and other family members are involved, students have: 

  1. Increased motivation and better self esteem
  2. Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
  3. Better school attendance
  4. Decreased used of alcohol and other drugs
  5. Fewer instances of violent behavior
  6. Greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education. 


Membership Matters

Join Tyee PTSA, and you'll support PTSA programs at our school plus child advocacy efforts at the local, regional, state, and national levels. 

Members are entitled to a copy of the Tyee Student Directory.  Members also receive discounts to Wild Waves, Great Wolf Lodge, Office Depot, FedEx Office, and more!  See https://www.wastatepta.org/get-involved/member-benefits/ for a full list of discounts.