CLub Chair: Katherine Ma, Grace Yu & Yiwen Sun

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Tyee Science Club targets Tyee students who are interested in learning diverse topics in science, preparing for and participating in various local, regional, state and national Science competitions. The focus will be on lectures, discussions and quizzes. The topics will cover math, physics, biology, earth science and energy science.


Parent Information Night

Science Club Parent Info Slides

Science Olympiad Club Parent Info Slides


Science Club Registration

Opens: Tuesday, September 26, 10pm

Closes: Extended until Monday, October 16, 6pm or until all spots fill up, whichever comes first. 

Registration Fee: $30 (additional fees to join Olympiad club), non-refundable

  • Financial aid available if needed, please contact your student counselor to apply

Registration Link:

  • Please also sign up for PlacementExam after you have registered. 

* PTSA Membership required prior to registration, please renew here if you haven't done so already.


Science Olympiad Club Registration

Early Registration Opens: Monday, October 2 at 6pm to all registered Science Club members.
Links will be sent to emails associated with the PTSA account for members, please check your emails!

Registration opens to all Tyee students on Tuesday, Oct 3 at 8pm and closes Wednesday, Oct 4 at 6pm if there are still spots available after the early registration closes for members. 

Public Registration Link:

* Public Registration Link only available/clickable after Oct 3, 7:30pm

Registration Fee: $50, non-refundable

Weekly Meetings

Science Club: Every Tuesday 7-8:30pm 
Science Olympiad Club: Every Thursday 7-8:30pm
No meetings on school holidays

Parent Volunteer Requirements

  • Parents are required to volunteer at least once for this school year. Signup link will be sent out after registration
  • PTSA membership is required for all students who join our club.
  • BSD volunteer background check must be complete
  • BSD building usage rules must be obeyed
  • Parent volunteers will be recruited to oversee each grading
  • Chairs, coaches or other parents who help print out the test sheets are required to keep all test materials confidential. Do NOT disclose test contents to any club members. 


Archive: 2022-2023 Science Club