Club Chair: Johannes Grad  

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Programming Competition Club aims to help students to be proficient in computer programming and computer science through preparing for and participating in various local and online programming competitions using a programming language of students' choice (Python, Java or C++).

We will participate in the ACSL  and USACO competitions.
The club will be divided into 4 skill levels, and taught by High School student coaches.
Students are expected to have some programming knowledge before joining the club.
This club is not suited for beginners, please consider the Python Bytes club instead.
Will meet Thursdays at 7pm.


Opens: Thursday, September 28, 8pm 

Closes: Saturday, October 7, 11:59pm or until all spots fill up, whichever comes first. 

Registration Fee: $50, non-refundable

  • Financial aid available if needed, please contact your student counselor to apply

* PTSA Membership required prior to registration, please renew here if you haven't done so already.

Parent Information Night

Parent Info Night Slides

Events Calendar

Mark your calendar for the following dates and events

  • Sep 28, 7-8pm – Parent Info Night 
  • Sept 28, 8pm -- Registration opens
  • Oct 12, 7-8:30pm – Placement exam using HackerRank
  • Oct 19, 7-8:30pm – First weekly club meeting
  • Dec - May: USA Computing Olympiad (USACO)
  • Dec - May: American Computer Science League (ACSL)
  • Nov - May: Monthly Mini contests and hackathons

We are planning in-person meetings at Tyee once per month.  The remaining weeks will be online using Google Meet.

Regular Club Meeting

Club meeting: Thursday 7-8:30 pm




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