Dear Tyee Families, we want to update you on the recent BSD middle school consolidation forum held on Monday evening, where approximately 100 parents came together to discuss important matters. We extend our gratitude to a dedicated parent from Odle Middle School for involving KOMONews in our discussions. The presence of KOMONews ensured a smooth and transparent communication during the meeting.

During the forum, BSD shared valuable insights into their background and the current challenges they face. Parents actively engaged by asking questions, sharing their thoughts, and providing feedback. If you have any questions and concerns, please contact:

Now, as a community, we need to come together and take action to keep all 5 middle schools open for our Tyee community. Here are some essential steps we can take:

  • Step 1: Sign the petition which was initiated by our students. 
  • Step 2: Fill out the BSD survey on Middle School Consolidation here
  • Step 3: We intend to purchase and create 100 yard signs featuring the slogans "No Middle School Consolidation" and "Keep Tyee Open." Please consider contributing to help make this happen. You can donate using the following link:
  • Step 4: We urge parents to attend the upcoming BSD board meetings and express our collective thoughts. It is essential that more families voice their support for Tyee Middle School, ensuring that BSD does not cut off Tyee Middle School or any of its programs. For meeting details and schedules, visit BSD Board Meetings. You need to register to make speak but attending it and displaying a poster will help. 
  • Step 5: Send emails to the with your questions and concerns. School Board Members
  • Step 6: Show your support by taking a photo of your student holding a sign with the slogan "Keep Tyee Open." Please send your photos to
  • Step 7:  Keep a close watch on this parent initiative website: Keep BSD Schools Open. Your feedback is valuable and can help us in our efforts.

We deeply appreciate your support and dedication to keeping Tyee Middle School open. Together, we can make a difference and ensure the best educational experience for our children.

Thank you for being a part of our Tyee community!