Walk About

Sign up HERE to support a healthy Tyee community amongst the kids during the school day by walking around the campus and modeling a pleasant presence. Stay and hang out around school 30 minutes before heading to work. It's nice to see how things run and how the kids manage their time and their friends.

The school staff need a lot of help strengthening covid caution outside the classrooms. Walk About Parents do just that, by walking around school in the morning and during lunches, promoting the well-being and safety of students outside the class.

Support your school staff in keeping a positive adult presence before school and during lunches. Here's the training video for those who are interested in helping out. Volunteers do not need to police kids, just keeping a positive adult presence is a great deterrent to unwanted group behavior. If anything of real concern arises, volunteers simply let the office staff know and they will contact staff to address issues quickly.

All volunteers must complete a background check  and show their vaccination cards upon checking in with the lobbyguard site at the computer in the front office.  Upon doing so volunteers will receive their badges and then upon completion must check out by scanning your badge when done. Check your BSD volunteer background check status here

Walkabout Volunteers will receive an additional Walk About tag to wear while roaming the school during lunch and before school. Please remember to return these when checking out.

WAB@tyeeptsa.org for questions