6th Grade Ice Cream Social 9/15/2023

Join us on Friday, September 15th, as the PTSA proudly hosts a delightful 6th Grade Ice Cream Social. This special evening invites not just our 6th-grade students but their entire families to come together in the inviting ambiance of Tyee Commons and Courtyard. It's the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, as well as hear about activities and plans that the PTSA has in store for the coming year. Mark your calendars for this event, which will take place from 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM. We're also seeking volunteers to assist with various tasks, including setup starting at 6:30 PM, serving delicious ice cream, and ensuring a smooth clean-up until 8:00 PM. Your help is greatly appreciated; kindly sign up using the link below: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0D44AEA92AA1F49-6thgrade#/

6th Grade Ice Cream Social Recap

The Tyee PTSA hosted a delightful ice cream social for all 6th-grade families on Friday, September 15, extending a warm welcome to our new Tyee members. Thanks to Elizabeth Lindquist, our PTSA Student Social Chair, for hosting and leading this event. Our deepest appreciation goes to our PTSA parent volunteers, Soo Shin, Austin Zhang, Sarah O'Brien, Yan Shen, Jenny Chen, Stella Chen, Sandy Zhang, Kelly Wong, Lalitha Subramanyam, whose efforts ensured the flawless execution of this memorable evening. Especially thanks for Apron Sriram ideal of making us wear an ice cream costume and her creativity of making a stick ice cream from cardboard to capture students favorite ice cream flavor was s super hit! If you volunteered and we missed mentioning your name, we sincerely apologize.

6th Grade Game Night 12/1/2023

Calling all 6th graders! Join us for an exciting evening of fun and games at the 6th Grade Game Night on Friday, December 1, 2023, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Commons. Snacks and drinks will be provided, ensuring a fantastic time for everyone.

To secure your spot at this free event, don't forget to register and obtain parental permission online by Thursday, November 30, 2023. You can conveniently pre-register in advance by visiting: Register 6th Grade Game Night. No need to bring your own board games; we've got a vast selection ready for your enjoyment!

We're in need of enthusiastic parent volunteers to ensure the event runs seamlessly. If you're available to help, please sign up via the following link: Game Night Volunteers. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Let's make the 6th Grade Game Night a memorable experience for all!

6th Grade Game Night Recap

6th Grade Game Night on Friday, December 1st, 2023. A heartfelt thanks to our parent volunteers who ensured the success of this event: Sarah O'Brien, Regina Anderson, Sairam Suresh, Valeri Makam, Anuradha Subramanian, Shweta Kansal, Nicole Ding, Yuk Lee, and Jenny Chen. Your contributions made the evening run smoothly and were truly appreciated.

Pajamas & Movie Night 1/19/2024

Registration closes tomorrow for Pajamas & Movie Night! It is on Friday, Jan. 19th in the Tyee Commons. Doors open at 6:45pm, event is from 7:00-9:00pm. Open to current Tyee students only. We will provide popcorn, drinks and other treats, all free. Please wear pajamas, onesies, or robes and bring pillows, stuffies, sleeping bags, or blankets to get down and get comfy. We will have a contest with prizes for best pajamas: Cutest PJs, 2. Craziest PJs, 3. Best Superhero, 4. Best Matching, and 5. Fan Favorite. Register at this link to drop your student off for a fun night with friends:


We need adult and high school volunteers to make this event a success! Please sign up to volunteer. Thanks you for your help.



Pajamas & Movie Night Recap 

Pajamas and Movie Night on Friday, January 19, captured by Jenny Chen. A heartfelt thank you to our event chairs, Elizabeth Lindquist and Sarah O'Brien, for orchestrating this delightful evening. Gratitude also goes to our volunteers who ensured the night ran seamlessly: Sarah Robinson, Lesley TayChung, Wen Ho, Sandy Zhang, Jenny Nie, Jianhua Zhang, Hu Cong, Marcus Chen, Huili Wang, Yan Shen, Zeen Zheng, Elaine Zhao, Daniel Zhang, Sunny Shen, Christopher Yu, and Jenny Chen. Your contributions made the event a success!


Tyee Glow Dance 3/8/2024


Join us for the Tyee Glow Dance on Friday 3/8/24! Doors open at 6:45pm, event is 7:00pm - 9:00pm in the Gym, open to current Tyee students only. Enter by the back parking lot doors. Free entry and snacks provided. Sign up for the Glow Dance before Thursday Mar 7th: https://tyeeptsa.org/Packet/Glow%20Dance

Pre-registration and Parent Permission is required to attend this event. Students will not be allowed entrance if not registered in advance. Adherence to BSD Student Code of Conduct is required for all Student Social Events. PTSA and ASB membership is not required to register. Volunteers are needed to help ensure the event goes ahead. Please sign-up to volunteer at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0D44AEA92AA1F49-47985684-volunteers

Glow Dance Competition The Tyee Glow Dance is coming up on Friday March 8! Show off your dance skills at the dance! Solo or Groups welcome! Students need to sign up with their school district accounts at: https://forms.office.com/r/HBn8UHn6qT Entries close March 1.


Tyee Glow Dance Recap

Thank you to everyone who helped make this night so much fun for the kids! The Dance Club members' performance was awesome and kicked the night off! Thank you to our lovely chair, Lesley Tay-Chung for organizing this event. Thank you to Jubilee Reach, Don Hirata and the high school club coaches who made this possible. Mr. Lillie and Ms Coney were integral to keeping the kids safe and happy. Mr Lillie got so many kids to join the dance contest on the night. Ting provided the music and handled song requests all night like a pro! Elizabeth Lindquist was super helpful both during planning and at the event! Thank you to Carmen and Arum for making announcements to the kids and constantly reminding them of the dance. Dexter, our night custodian, also helped ensure that we were able to set up earlier and kept the areas clean for the students.

Finally the whole night was made possible because of our many, many wonderful and helpful parent and high school volunteers: Sarah Robinson, Olga Oldham, Daniel Herling, Amelia Hertog, Chad Smithson, Darcie Durr, Lalitha Subramanyam, Clara Barnett, Elaine Zhao, Ben Alfreid Jacinto, Audrey Chang, Annette Chang, Ada Deng, Jackson Lindquist and of course our co-president Sandy Zhang. See you at the next event!