Staff Appreciation Chair: Lynn Zhang & Valeri Makam

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Wednesday, August 30, Welcome Lunch for Tyee Super Staff 

Tyee PTSA hosted a Welcome back lunch for all Tyee Staff on Wednesday, August 30. Welcome back to school. Looking forward to working with our wonderful Tyee faculty and staff. We wish we all have a fantastic school year ahead. Many thanks to our staff appreciation chair Hongyan Yang, Dandan Jiang and our parent volunteers Lynn Zhang, Xiao Liu, Jenny Chen, Sandy Zhang for making this event happen. 

Tuesday, October 24, Staff Appreciation Harvest Celebration Salad Bar

On Tuesday, October 24, the Tyee PTSA hosted a delightful Salad Bar luncheon for the entire school staff. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who generously contributed food, utensils, decorations, and more. Special thanks to those who lent their assistance in setting up, cleaning, and serving the meal. This event was a tribute to our incredible Tyee staff, who continually go above and beyond for our community and students.

A special shoutout to our staff appreciation chairs, Lynn Zhang and Valeri Makam, for their exceptional contributions. We also want to express our appreciation to the outstanding PTSA volunteers who collaborated to bring this event to life. Ngoc Nguyen, Seo Yeon Kim, Jenny Kim, Dandan Jiang, Sirisha Dhavala, Sandhya Gupta, Joanne Wang, Sojeong Lee, Xin Gao, Huili Wang, Ye Ji, Ruvini Tennekoon, Farah Thobhani, Sheila Kishore, Sirisha T, Jing Yang, Regina Anderson, Kin Nguyen, Kate Khim, Xiaoxia Wang, Lina Gao, Robin Hoover, Tiffany Reimergartin, Heidi Liang, Vicki Premo, Zhi Wu, Peggy Li, Regina Anderson, Amanda Greco, Jennifer Glover, Qu Qi, Mina Yoo, Amanda Greco, Wendy Yu, Haili Zhao, Maggie Qin, Kelli Lane, Michal Friesen, Nina Chen, Jeonghae Park, Vanessa Barut-del Fierro, Clare Shen, Stephanie Chung and Sweta Shah.

Tuesday, December 12, Staff Appreciation Holiday Delights Luncheon

A fantastic holiday delights luncheon occurred on Tuesday December 12, which filled up the lounge with all kinds of delicious dishes and sweets and filled up the staff's hearts with warm appreciation from Tyee families. Thank you to the cooking masters from our Tyee families for making this wonderful event happen.

Thanks to our staff appreciation chairs Lynn Zhang & Valeri Makam for organizing the event. Thanks to our PTSA volunteers who contributed their time and efforts in bringing delicious food, refreshing drinks, festive decorations, and providing assistance in both setting up and cleaning up:

Archana Sood, Becky Bulter, Hongyan Yang, Carey DeMartini, Clare Shen, Daniel Zhang, Janice Kwan, Jeonghae Park, Jessica Huang, Joanne Wang, Jyothsna Sameneni, Kalpana Murugan, Katherine Yu, Kelly Wong, Luca Herling, Maggie Qin, Michal Friesen, Ngoc Nguyen, Peggy Wang, Pooja Chaudhary, Regina Anderson, Ruvini Tennekoon, Sandy Zhang, Sirisha T T, Stephanie Chung, Sweta Shah, Teresa Murray, Tiejun Fan, Wendy Yu, Xiaoyue Wang, Yajuan Chen and Yun Yi


Tuesday, February 13 Staff Appreciation - Valentine's Cheers 

Tyee PTSA hosted a staff appreciation Valentine's luncheon on Tuesday, February 13th. A heartfelt thanks to staff appreciation chairs Lynn Zhang and Valeri Makam for their outstanding leadership in organizing this event. We extend our gratitude to all the students who wrote warm-hearted cards. Additionally, we appreciate the parents who generously contributed sweet treats, including cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and fruits. Special thanks to the parent volunteers who contribute their time to set up and clean up. Your support is invaluable, and we couldn't have done it without you. A big thank you to the following volunteers for their hard work and dedication: Chandy Yos, Seo Yeon Kim, Maggie Qin, Hillary Nordwell, Archana Sood, BongHyun Shin, Chris Aminoto, Katherine Yu, Peggy Wang, Sweta Shah, Jeonghae Park, Dandan Jiang, Lili Chen, Vicki Premo, yunkyong yi, Sheila Kishore, Maggie Qin, Wendy Yu, Tobias Mayer, Regina Anderson, Soo Shin, Jing Yang, Enyu Zhang, Kelli Lane, Lalitha Subramanyam and Becky Park.



Staff Appreciation Week 5/6/2024-5/10/2024

We successfully hosted a whole week of staff appreciation events from May 6 to May 10: coffee on Monday, snacks on Tuesday, donuts on Wednesday, a salad and fruit bar on Thursday, and a duty-free luncheon on Friday. A big thank you to all the volunteers who contributed and supported our wonderful Tyee staff. Your generosity and dedication ensured that appreciation from TYEE parents and students was fully delivered to our lovely teachers and staff.

A special shout-out to our wonderful chairs, Lynn Zhang and Valeri Makam, for leading and organizing the whole event. Thanks to our Tyee parent volunteers for their help and contributions in making this event run smoothly:

Amanda Greco, Regina Regina, Becky Lee, Christin Aminoto, Ruvini Tennekoon, Sophie Chang, Maggie Qin, Seo Yeon Kim, Anshika Bajaj, Le LI, Kyungwon Lee, Pavani Chivukula, Tiffany Reimergartin, Archana Sood, Huili Wang, Adriana Palacios Ochoa, Michal Friesen, Ashwin Padwalkar, Wendy Yu, Heidi Liang, Joanne Wang, Peggy Li, Jing Yang, Peggy Wang, Xiaoxia Wang, Sandy Zhang, Kalpana Murugan, Trang Vo, Stephanie Chung, Yuki Yang, Hongyan Yang, Sophie Yang, Chandy Yos, Garima Agrawal and Jenny Chen. 





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