Lunar New Year Festival Committee: Ting Li, Sandy Zhang, Elizabeth Lindquist, Yim Cheng, Katherine Ma, Jenny Chen, Hongyan Yang, Vicki Zhao, Jennifer Lee & Peggy Wang 


Tyee families, Tyee PTSA will host lunar new year festival on Friday, January 20, 2023 from 7pm to 9:30 pm at Tyee Commons. This will be a big party to celebrate the lunar new year along with other cultural holidays in our Tyee community. We are looking forward to celebrating lunar new year with you. 

We kindly invite all Tyee students and parents to join our festival. We have a lot of performance arts such as singing, dancing, instrumental, traditional apparel show, lion dance, student booth, cultural posters, food trucks and more.

Lunar New Year Traditional Apparel Show

Traditional Apparel Show is one of the performing art shows during our lunar new year festival. We are looking for 30 students and 30 parents to perform a traditional apparel show. We welcome any traditional apparels all over the world. If you are interested in performing during the event, please sign up via the link below. Please label the origin of your apparel in the sign up sheet.  We are looking forward to your performance in this apparel show. 

Sign up for joining the traditional apparel show:

Lunar New Year Student Booth

At the Lunar New Year Festival, we plan to have a bazaar area where Tyee students can put their creativity and entrepreneurial skillsets to work and host booths.You can either sell items, provide arts and craft activities, provide games or promote any aspects of your culture and traditions. Items/activities related to lunar new year or any cultural aspects are encouraged but not required; any themes are welcomed. Please see the Student Booth Guideline for detail information. 

If you are interested in hosting a student booth, please register via our website Student Booth GuidelineThere will only be 15 spots available, first come first serve. Non-refundable registration fee is $10 per booth for current Tyee students/family. Registration is currently opened. 


Student Video Clip Collection

We are collecting clips of Tyee students saying "Happy New Year 2023" or any greetings in different languages to put them into a single video. We kindly invite all Tyee students to participate. If you use your phone to record it, please record it in landscape orientation rather than portrait orientation. Please send your video clip to along with your student's name and grade. 



Please RSVP Here if you plan to attend. We will hand out a raffle ticket for every RSVP. You will have a chance to win a nice prize.


Event Volunteers Sign up


Sign up to be a volunteer for this event. Two Tyee Middle School students are needed for the role of Microphone Control. Other volunteers can be high school students or parents.




Our Sponsors:

We would like to extend our thanks to Teng Smiles OrthodonticsHigh Garden Kitchen and AoPS Bellevue for sponsoring our festival and the consistent support.