Join us for a night of awesome music, epic games, delicious food, and mind-blowing surprises. This is your chance to make unforgettable memories with your middle school friends and get excited about your future. Say goodbye to middle school and hello to new adventures! All 8th-grade students are invited to the promotion party for free on June 14th from 7-9 pm at Tyee School Commons and Gym. Registration for your 8th graders and parent permission are required to attend this event, which needs to be done online by Friday, June 7th, 2024. Only current Tyee 8th graders are allowed. No guests. Please update My Account if you don't see your student's name below. Contact event coordinator at

Volunteer Needed for our party:

We need lots of volunteers to ensure the event runs smoothly. If you can help, please sign up. Thanks in advance!


Calling all 8th-Grade Parents, the 8th-Grade Promotion Party Committee, cordially invites you to contribute to our memorable event. We kindly request you to share a baby photo and a current picture of your 8th-grade student with us. Please upload your student photos via this Shareable Folder by June 7th. 

During the event, we plan to showcase these cherished moments on the big screen. We believe it will be a delightful surprise for your children to see themselves as adorable babies. Please kindly combine both pictures together (side by side) and put your kid’s name on the image. Please Do Not send two separate photos and refer to the example provided above as a reference for the desired appearance of the pictures.

To ensure adequate time for preparation, we kindly request that you send us the photos no later than June 7th, 2024. We greatly appreciate your support and collaboration in creating a fantastic party for our 8th-graders.