Goodwill will bring a truck to Tyee Middle School on Saturday, January 21 2pm-5pm to accept donations of used goods. Please help us fill the truck to support our PTSA fundraising program and to help with cleaning out your house.

You can bring almost everything to the donation drive including clothes, shoes, books, household items, linens, small electronics, exercise equipment, rugs, bed frames, toys, lamps, and small furniture(No bigger than a side table). Please note textiles (e.g. clothing) should be donated in bags with nothing else mixed in. Shoes should be separated out into their own bags as well. Separating these items out ahead of time will save a lot of work at the event. As part of the E-cycle Washington program, Goodwill collects televisions, computer monitors, desktop computers, laptops, and other electronics that are still in working condition. If you have any question please email to

We need volunteers to make this event run smoothly. Please sign up via the link below if you would like to help. Thanks for your support.