Experience the Thunderous Rhythm of Japan: Taiko Drums Live! Dive into the performance that transcends mere music to become a powerful, pulsating spectacle. Feel the ground shake and your spirit soar as our master drummers unleash the ancient art of Taiko, enveloping you in a rhythmic journey that traces back centuries. Each beat tells a story, each performance a unique exploration of tradition, strength, and harmony. This isn't just a show; it's an immersive experience where every drumbeat echoes in the depths of your soul. Witness the majestic art of Taiko and be part of a living legacy. Book your tickets now and prepare to be moved to the core by a performance that's nothing short of spectacular!

When: April 14, 2024. Starts at 3pm. 

Where: Renton Ikea Performance Arts Center

General tickets retails at $35. Enjoy a discounted price of $25 which is exclusive to Tyee families. 

A percentage of the tickets sales through the PTSA website would be donated to Tyee PTSA.

Purchase your tickets here: https://tyeeptsa.org/Packet/TaikoDrumsTickets

Please purchase your tickets by April 3, 2024 midnight. 

We will schedule a date/time for students to pick up the purchased tickets during the school day and send a follow up email.