About Your PTSA

The Tyee PTSA is a dedicated group of parents and staff who work together for the education and well-being of all the children in the Tyee community. We encourage each and every family member to take an active role in their child's education. There are many ways to be involved at Tyee. The Tyee staff work long and hard to provide quality instruction for each student and, with your support, we can help them achieve the high level of success that every child deserves. Research specific to middle school shows that YOU - not your income or your education - make the difference.

When parents, guardians, and other family members are involved, students have


  1. increased motivation and better self esteem
  2. higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
  3. better school attendance
  4. decreased used of alcohol and other drugs
  5. fewer instances of violent behavior
  6. greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education. 


Membership Matters

Did you know that as a PTSA member, you are entitled to discounts from a host of PTSA member benefits providers?